Soniface is a standalone mobile / desktop software for creative purposes

It's available for several platforms:

Mobile: iOS, Android, Android Demo (free), Windows Phone

Desktop: Windows 8.1 & 10, Mac OSX

Soniface means “Sonification Interface”, a tool to visualize and sonify the inner mood. The unique interface is giving new prospects of making music & visuals. The process of creation will be essentially influenced by the individual vibe. Soniface is about the interconnection of styles, concepts and flows in our daily life, about a meditative space, where everybody can get experience of making and performing electronic music, or being part of a creative process.

About Mazetools

The project started with an animation movie called "Geometric Poetry" by Stephan Kloß in 2011. Beside music and art it was mainly inspired by thoughts about music therapy, researching about geometry and cymatics and gives tributes to Alexander Nikolajewitsch Skrjabin, Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni as well as representatives of Synesthesia. Their works influenced functions and principles like the combination of the color circle and the circle of fifths, the morph-able grid or the circular sequencer.

Supported by a plenty of friends, we began in 2012 to combine the development of the MazeTools prototype with live performances and studio sessions. We tested the software in different ways: we did multichannel projections for concerts and parties, integrated it into a 12.1 tone chamber concept, connected it to tracking modules and used it as an instrument for compositions and in sessions with musicians under the pseudonym „Ectoplastic Laboratory”.

In 2016 we launched the first Beta of MazeTools for iOS and Android. Supported by the start up service in Halle (Germany), we received a scholarship for innovative technology by the Investment Bank of Sachsen-Anhalt (ego.-Start Gründerstipendium). In 2017 we founded the Ectoplastic UG (haftungsbeschränkt), a company for development, design and distribution of multimedia products.

In May 2017 we released Mazetools Soniface 1.0 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Shortly after we won the AppArtAward 2017 Sound Art prize of ZKM Karlsruhe, which was a pleasure. In December we released the desktop version Soniface Lab for Mac OSX and Windows.

Many users gave us positive feedback, even the software was not perfect and it's still not. Thanks for this, we're every day on it to improve the performance, usage and connectivity as well as the level of crazyness!