(canceled) 08.5.2020 Discussion: "The protocol of Music", re:publica, Berlin

(canceled) 02.4.2020 Presentation/Performance: Music Innovation Stage, Musikmesse, Frankfurt

(canceled) 28.3.2020 Workshop: Thespis - soziotheatrales Zentrum, Bautzen



Audiovisual concert at Grassi Museum Leipzig »In Between« exhibition opening (16. Jun 2016)

We were invited to play a concert for the exhibition opening GRASSI invites 2# dazwischen / in / between“ in the Grassi – Museum for ethnography Leipzig. Together with Omar Shalash, which played the oud and the afghan rapper Mustafa Bahaduri, Stephan and Jakob performed a journey from traditional arab to eletronic music and conscious hiphop.

Audiovisual installation and performance at 3000° Festival (15. Aug 2014)

Ectoplastic got invited to build their prototype installation at the 3000° festival and created a place to listen and see. As a visitor you got the opportunity interact with maze per hand tracking hardware or to test and play with the interface to control the installation. The sessions for improvisations with oud, violine, maze and electronic beats made the installation to a place to stay.