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Soniface is a standalone mobile / desktop software for creative purposes

Mobile: iOS, Android, Android Demo (free), Windows Phone

Desktop: Windows 8.1 & 10, Mac OS, Steam

Soniface is a versatile multi-media instrument to create soundscapes in a moving geometric sphere, make beat sketches, incorporate sounds to audio sceneries, utilize audiovisual effects by multi-touch. It offers new ways to song concepts, compositions or audiovisual performances.

About Mazetools

The story of Soniface began in 2011 with the animated experimental short movie "Geometric Poetry" by Stephan Kloss. The following year he prototyped an audiovisual synthesizer called Mazetools with the intention to incorporate aspects of music therapy to sound creation.

Continuos research about geometry, cymatics and the phenomenon synesthesia influenced Kloss as well as contemporary artists, but also the exchange with his company. Together they found Ectoplastic Laboratory, and the practical application energized the development. Although the team focused on making Mazetools as a mobile app accessible for everyone. A first beta version for iOS and Android came out in 16. In the same year, Jakob Gruhl and Stephan Kloß received a public start-up scholarship with the demands to release a mobile and a desktop version of Mazetools. They found a company and built up structures for publication.


The soft launch of Soniface, as the first Maze-Tool, was in May '17. Since '18 an extended desktop version and a special free version have been released.

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